A boutique potionery of organic, handcrafted body care and skincare products
to nourish yourself and nurture our planet



Kaia & her husband, David are dedicated to sharing a balanced, health-focused & eco-friendly lifestyle to inspire, uplift and give support wherever they're able to. As part of their lifestyle, they are continuously experimenting and crafting their all-natural body care products, using only organic & pure ingredients, and recyclable and/or sustainable/regenerative packaging, materials and methods. They aim to set an outstanding example with KAIASnaturals by showing you how easy it is to switch to a responsible, integral and chemical-free life. While offering several options and examples of how easy and satisfying it is to become self-sufficient in your body care habits, they are developing a No. 1. eco-friendly company.



It may sound romantic nowadays, yet they believe that caring, giving and sharing are more fundamental values than money or profit. Thus, they are operating every level of KAIASnaturals according to their Ethics, which are the following:

  • they use only the finest, ethically sourced organic and 100% pure ingredients from local suppliers/sources/providers who offer premium quality ingredients;
  • all thepackaging they use are recyclable/compostable;
  • all their products are environmentally friendly;
  • they offer 10% off to all their customers who'd liketo do a refill, hence, extending the lifetime of their packaging thus reducing waste;
  • they use local services to print all their stickers and promotional materials to support other small businesses;
  • they ship only within NZ to keep their CO2 footprint low
  • they sell some of their precious recipes with a DIY kit to spread the word and encourage others to become more self-sufficient in the future.

You don't need to buy any of the nasties anymore. By choosing KAIASnaturals, you are contributing to your wellbeing, treating our waters with respect, and you look after our precious Earth.

For more information, please send us an email to kaia@kaiasnaturals.com

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