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DNA Testing - Available

Simone Barry

Here at Body In Sync, I am passionate about people’s health and well-being and offer personalised genetic profiling to empower people to understand how their bodies respond to diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

I design customised and targeted holistic approaches for optimised wellness based on the uniqueness of each person.

My practice includes wrap-around care with pathology testing where appropriate, genetic profiling where indicated, diet and nutrition plans including recipe design, customised exercise sessions, as well as lifestyle coaching and counselling to ensure the best possible outcome.

I am continually dedicated at providing leading edge scientifically based intervention and prevention health care that fast tracks peoples success to leading happier and healthier lives.

With over 18 years of private practice working one to one with hundreds of clients designing and instructing their gym sessions and holistic nutrition programs, many clients have been able to enjoy freedom from their prescriptive medications through tailored exercise programs that work, holistic nutrition protocols that unlock their genetic potential and mindful lifestyle practices that promote and enhance optimum wellbeing.

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  • NZcS Food Science
  • Post Grad Dip. Teaching
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Gravity Pilates Instructor
  • 200 hr Certified Int Yoga Teacher
  • Accredited Fitgenes Practitioner


After my first consultation with Simone I felt relieved that there is actually someone experienced who can help me. Simone put together a tailor made program to suit me.. She is extremely encouraging and positive, keeping track of my progress. I see results within 3 weeks and feel great.