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Fees, Membership, and Information about joining the Holistic Health Collective Website.

Note: Some practitioners are choosing to have a few pages on Holistic Health Collective instead of a website. Saving a lot on Website fees. 

2 Membership Options (6 months/1 year )  One is to simply be listed on the website and two is to be included in promotion.

1. $60 /$120 - listing on the website  

2. $150 /$300 - extra promotion 


Once-off signup fee - Getting your information onto the website. Also two options. 
1. $60 - One page with Logo or Image, key words and link to your website /facebook

2. $90 Two to three pages of information with images, reviews and links. 

What we need from you for the Simple Joining option is:  An Image. Name of Business. 6 max key words or short description to go under first image & where you practice from (Whitianga & Online) for example. See below:

For the 2nd page option please take a look at Massage and Muscle, Rozemarie or  Point of Difference Acupuncture.

The second page provides more wording that will connect to the search option. That is one of the benefits of the second page. Please take a look around the site to see what other practitioners have and so you can see what you'd like.  

Ideally, I wanted everyone to have a second page because I hoped that the website would be a place where people new to Holistic Health, who did not know what service to choose or what could help them could search for their ailment in the search option and the varied modalities that could help them would come up. 

Promotion. If you would like private and group promotion of your business, it is $25 month.  If you'd like to see what I do in regards to promotion, please view on the connected fb and Instagram. I post onto the FB and Instagram platforms connected to the the website then share to many other groups such as WhitiChitChat & Matarangi Community Page and many more including Tairua, Kuaotunu, Cooks beach, Coromandel, Thames, Ngatea, Bay of Plenty and Auckland. I share what you post as we follow each other.  There are up to 60 thousand people to reach using these facebook groups. 


 I advertise the website as a whole and holistic health in general in both print and online means. 

$5 extra per modality. Some people have Yoga and Massage for example. These are two different modalities and the cost will be $15 a month rather than $10 to be listed. 

If you have one modality but you'd like to put it into a few different categories that is no extra fee. (As long as the images and wording are the same, if different there is a small increase in fee). 

Note: Changes to the website information may incur a fee if I need to request the webdesigner to do it. If it is dates or addresses, simple wording it will be free.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about options or cost.

021-177-6946 or

Thank you 😊

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