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Tanja Lajunen

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All treatments include a 10-15 Aromatherapy consult to determine an appropriate blend specifically for you which is then applied during your massage.
Essential oils act on many different levels and cover a wide range of ailments, some being suitable for pregnancy and childbirth, skin issues,hormonal problems, digestive issues, sleep problems, migraines, emotional upsets and trauma, to name a few.
Dietary nutritional and supplementary advice also given to also help the body make the shift into balance..


Swedish relaxation
Deep tissue
Lomi Lomi
Hot Rocks with basalt rocks sustainably sourced locally
Pregnancy massage


1 hour $90
90 min $130
Hot Rocks $10 extra


About Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is an age-old modality utilised by people since before the birth of Christ, even getting a mention then with the three wise men gifting frankincense and myrrh-two remarkable oils.
Essential oils are extracted from plants generally via steam distillation, an age old method, with CO2 extraction being a very pure and modern technique. Thus the plants 'essence; and volatile oils are captured giving an extremely pure and active plant medicine which interacts with the human body physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Smell being our oldest sense, the scent of an essential oil can take us directly to places and memories of our past. Scent can evoke the strongest of associations. Essential oils also cross quickly into the bloodstream acting on the body effectively, especially in the first 24 hours of application, helping to shift the body into homeostasis-balance. Homeostasis is what the body attempts to attain by sending us messages via pain, discomfort and/or disease. It pays to listen.. Essential oils together with massage helps the body find its way back to balance.
The healing path is one of acceptance and balance. It is your journey and your choice.


About Me


After a lifetime committed to organics/Biodynamics and alternative living I chose to study Aromatherapy at Wellpark College in Auckland in 2000, graduating in 2002. I have practised in Titirangi, Auckland, and Whitianga since then. I returned to Whitianga in 2012. I currently practice out of The Earth store in Albert street Whitianga.


About My Product


Natural home made products - moisturiser, balms, facial oils, sprays, moisture bars, balms, mother and baby products. Made to order.