I deeply enjoy giving massages. For me, it is a meditative practice in which I connect with the person who is receiving. Everybody holds a different story and it’s a special journey to start listening to what each unique body tells and needs. The gentle touch of loving hands can be deeply nurturing for the soul and healing any dis-ease in the body.



My journey to a more holistic and peaceful life commenced in 2010 when my guide Lili, a Taoist master, took me under her wing. This 5-year training changed my life. Her teachings included Qi Gong, Massage, Meditation and Inquiry work. Through these practices, I re-sensitized my body and learned to do less to achieve more. Ever since, they have become part of my daily life.

In the years after I’ve become a certified Yoga teacher, masseuse and Craniosacral therapist.

My background in Massage comes from Cultural Bodywork – a combination of the ancient healing arts from the cultures of Oceania (Hawaiian – Māori – Aboriginal) which work with the body, mind and soul as a whole.

The massage is performed in constant motion around the client and uses a body mapping system that re-connects body flow lines. This can be felt as waves that create a deep calmness. It is this state of deep relaxation where the body can restore on a deeper level. Hold tension or emotions are release and body systems are cleansed of toxins.

This is a beautiful gift.


$55,- 30 min
$90,- 60 min
$120,- 90 minutes


To book or ask for a gift voucher, contact:

Roze de Ronde

5 Landel Place
Home visits possible


A truly wonderful experience. A massage from Roze is a relaxing and healing experience. There was such a sense of kindness and compassion from her and I felt very safe and nurtured. She accommodated me very last minute and I am so grateful. What a gem. Highly recommend her magic hands.
- Rahle


I've had many massages of all different types and the massage with Roze definitely rates as one of the best. Highly recommend.
- Belinda


A massage from Roze is a healing experience. It is two in one actually. Unlocking suppression of both deeper emotions and blood flow. During the massage my body felt immediately relaxed, afterwards I cried and cried and cried, like a funnel had opened to a place I didn’t realize was shut. For a long while afterwards I was more grounded, peaceful and life felt loving. highly, very highly recommend Rose.
- Erica