Sol Goods
A natural sunscreen to safely protect you from the sun, without the cost of our planet. Founded on the Coromandel.

KAIASnaturals (Tairua)
A boutique potionery of organic, handcrafted body care and skincare products to nourish yourself and nurture our planet.

New Zealand grown organic hemp skincare, made in Coromandel. Great for inflammation and sensitive skin.

Good Water = Better Health
Fill2Pure portable water filters provide clean, healthy great tasting water anywhere. Water filter bottles & Jugs. Shower & Bath Filters.

Heaven & Earth(Tairua)
Enter a magical place filled with a fantastic array of crystals, minerals, gems, jewellery, fossils, gifts, art & books from around the world!

Nature Formula (309 Whitianga)
Enhancing microorganisms -Pro & Pre BioticGood for Animals and Gardens.