Shannon Duncan

I am a guide to assist in your healing. I work with light language/soul language to help you clear & let go of trauma, grief & deeply felt experiences that need transmuting so you can move forward.

I bring visions, understanding, acknowledgment, compassion, clarity & empowerment to you on your personal journey.  I can also open the door for your loved ones to come through with messages.

May you be blessed with the power & strength of your soul as we explore together the realms of possibility that can carve a new way💚

 Generally sessions are between 1 - 1.5 hours but can go a little over.  Cost is $100
19 Monk Street - Room 8

"Shannon is a highly gifted and extremely professional healer. She has the ability to See, Hear, Feel and Communicate with clear articulation. I felt Shannon held a very safe, gentle space to support my journey back to my heart and beyond. She is humble, authentic, nurturing and works with integrity and awareness. Shannon uses her incredible voice during the session which resonates with beautiful harmonic tones, this enabled me to feel open and took me into a space where I could feel the wisdom of the Universe acknowledging my divinity and soul. At the same time grounding my being into presence. I felt it was safe to surrender into my journey which was huge for me as I have been very vulnerable and struggle with trust. After our session I felt connected, honoured and loved by all the new information Shannon shared. I felt like it is OK to be me and my so much more closer to Self Love and Personal Power. I highly recommend Shannon's sessions, wherever you may be on your path. I am so grateful that a genuine light worker is right here on the Peninsula. Jodie, Matarangi"


"Shannon was beautiful to deal with. I fully trusted in her sincerity and intuition. It was a really interesting experience that I have thought about and reflected on for weeks afterwards. I could not get to that experience except through a session with Shannon I know that. I would advocate it for everyone to give it a go to see what comes up for you. Who comes up, what messages come up. We are lucky to have people able to step into another realm with courage and sensitivity and able to connect us to it, like Shannon can.