Inner Sound Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is aimed at achieving personal goals and can help and support you with areas of health such as: issues with smoking , pain management, sleeping better, weight control, digestive wellness, nail biting, reducing anxiety and phobias, decreasing side-effects of cancer treatments, regulating allergy and skin conditions and the like.

During the session I will use various relaxation techniques to guide you into a hypnotic state.
In this state, you are still conscious and aware.
You will appear to be asleep as your body is deeply relaxed but your mind will be hyper-focused and very responsive to positive suggestions, allowing you to develop inner wisdom -sound mind, sound body.

This will assist you with working through your goals while releasing anxiety and stress from your mind, body and energy system.

It is not a magic wand to make all your troubles vanish overnight but it is a powerful tool in helping you understand the power of your mind.



3 sessions ( around 90 mins each)

My therapy room or online service

Mobile service


Phone : 0220934669

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About Saha:

I am originally from France but I have been in beautiful Aotearoa for 17 years..

Along the way I travelled and met different cultures.. learning languages, and seeing the world from different perspectives became part of my life..

Teaching Primary and Early childhood children for about 2 decades I have spent a lot of time pondering on how to raise intrinsic motivation, resilience, and how to develop metacognitive awareness (awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes)

Teaching Yoga to adults, and practicing traditional Māori Mirimiri (massage).. I got passionate about the connection between the body, the mind and the spiritual force that lives within and around us.

Combining knowledge on the mind, a desire to learn more, and a focus on health and languages I came across hypnotherapy.

I trained with "Jacquin Hypnosis Academy" (based in the UK) where I learnt techniques for self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy for individual or group sessions.

It is a skill that I use in my everyday personal life and in my workspace, and a fabulous tool I would like to share with you.

Ngā mihi nui




"My hypnotherapy with Saha was perfect! I'm forty years old, I have been biting and picking my nails all my life, tried to stop many times but always went back..after 2 sessions with her I now have beautiful nails and fingers! 100% recommended!"
Lihi Shaki


"I was unsure what to expect from hypnosis, finding the idea somewhat disconcerting; will it be about recovering unknown memories? Will I be aware of what I'm saying? Will I remember what I said? Would someone really be able to convince me to walk around like a chicken if they wanted to? 🙂
Hypnosis with Saha was nothing like any of the above. I quickly felt safe with her as she explained the process. It was a soothing comfort to listen to her voice. I was able to let go of my worries and my physical pain and felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace. I slept incredibly well after the sessions with her. In my view her hypnosis was able to calm my nervous system and allow my mind and body the healing space it needed. The intentions Saha incorporated into my hypnosis played a large part in my recovery."
Emma Nelson


"I had been trying to quit smoking for years. I knew Saha had been training in hypnotherapy and thought I'd give quitting another attempt as I felt like everything else had failed me and my addiction was overcoming my will power.
Having never done hypnotherapy, I was sceptical but Saha was very welcoming and I felt very at ease. Unbelievably, straight off the bat I had found a new sense of control.
I have now been smokefree for 6weeks!