Kate Sedon Wellness


■ Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)
■ Postgraduate Diploma (Midwifery)
■ Master of Lifestyle Medicine ( In Training)
■ Amercian Board of Hypnotherapy
■ HeartHealing™️ Practitioner
■ TBR Birth Trauma Support
Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a Women’s Health Practitioner, Mind-Body Specialist, Speaker, Registered Nurse & ex Midwife. However, my greatest achievement is being a Mum to my two young boys.

I am passionate about helping women regain energy, mental clarity & be the happiest version of themselves. I have a special interest in supporting busy women with stress, burnout recovery, maternal depletion, balancing hormones & personal growth. My holistic approach aims to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and a mind-body approach to helping you thrive.

Throughout my 15years supporting women and families, I have created a 5 pillar approach to Women’s Health which includes; nutrients, biochemistry, lifestyle coaching, healing & the subconscious mind.

I have three ways you can currently work with me to help up level your energy and life. My online coaching program Reset & Realign which has helped many women regain energy, say goodbye to brain fog and up level their lives; from career, to confidence and so much more.

I also offer limited one on one personalised coaching and support, along with workplace Wellness Workshops.

I am continually dedicated to best practice, from a science based approach. Working with me can include a variety of modalities from; Lifestyle Coaching, NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, HeartHealing, Blood analysis, Trauma support & linking other appropriate health professionals such as GPs, Specialists, Counsellors, Naturopaths to name a few.

You can read more about me on my website or feel free to send me a message!



“Thank you Kate. You have been such a big catalyst to change in my world and my business since I did HeartHealing Hypnotherapy with you xxx“


"Since I started working with you I have had so many positive changes. I no longer have wine o'clock which wasn't serving me well. I have lost 5kgs, received unexpected money & have more clarity"


"You have been fundamental in helping me get my physical health back on track. I no longer wake up overwhelmed, my hormones are back to normal and I enjoy being a Mum and playing with my kids again - I will forever be grateful thank you"