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Whether it’s coaching or training, I will be fully present with you, I will listen to understand and be without agenda, without judgment as I help you to uncover the solutions you already have inside you.

My Clients go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed as they tap their Untapped Resources and Shift their Perspectives.

Don't take my word for it.
See what some of my clients have said.


"When I joined Kiri my life was In a very dark place and I didn't know where it was going. I thought I need to put my all into this so I can better myself for me and my son. When I say this journey with Kiri saved my life its an understatement."
"I have been working with Kiri for the last 8 months and I have to say I feel almost 90% better about my life. Kiri has guided me through some pretty deep set emotions left over from the last 50 or so years, she put my life and the things I get hung up about into perspective so now I stop and rethink and retrain all my thoughts and memories (but only the bad ones)"
"The way I look at life, myself and where I'm going is with such a different outlook now. The skills that she helped me with I can take with me and use for the rest of my life and pass them on to my whanau and friends"
"Kiri has given me a new lease on life by normalizing how I feel when I thought I was suffering alone. My life has been changed so much by her gentle and caring ways even when I am not calm. I would highly recommend Kiri to anyone in need of some guidance with life's daily madness! Thank you for improving so much in my life Kiri, I will be forever grateful."
"Kiri is super supportive and understanding I feel like she is really listening to me and and wholeheartedly wants the best possible outcomes for me and my mindset. I recommend her 100%"
"Kiri is a super person to work with and a great listener who hears what you have to say and remembers.She gives plenty of space and time for reflection and does not push you into artificial solutions.We are a couple trying to move on out of our stuckness and she has worked with us both and individually.We highly recommend her."